Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit Countryside Kennels to see or purchase a puppy? 

Absolutely! Visitors and customers are always welcome to stop in and see us at Countryside Kennels. Please, call us at 605-256-9762 to set up an appointment. Please, no un-announced visitors as we may be with other customers and prefer to devote our full attention to them as we would with you. Again, please call in advance.

What forms of payment does Countryside Kennels accept? 

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Zelle, Cash, Cash App, Personal Checks (please allow 7 to 10 business days for personal checks to clear). To make a payment or find out more on our puppy pricing please visit our Deposit Policy page. 

How big will a puppy grow to be? 
  • In general English Springer Spaniels will be approximately 40-45 pounds for males, 35-40 pounds for females. 
  • Scotties approximately 20 pounds for male/female 
  • Cairn Terriers approximately 15 pounds for male /female 
  • Silky Terriers approximately 10-12 pounds 
  • Cavachons approximately 15-18 pounds 

Type of dog food used, the amount fed and daily exercise routines will be a big factor in adult body weight. Please give a call to discuss which breed you are interested in: 605-256-9762 or 605-270-2949 

What is the expected life span of a puppy? 

We can’t be exactly precise when determining the life span of any dog breed, but on average most of our breeds can live to be 13 to 15 years old. 

Are your puppies kept in cages? 

No, we do not keep our puppies in cages of any kind. 

Does Countryside Kennels have a puppy waiting list? 

Yes, our puppies are of the highest quality and we do have people that are willing to wait for their perfect puppy. We never recommend making an impulse decision when purchasing a puppy, as this adorable joy of fur is going to become part of your family for many years to come. Individuals signed up on our puppy list will have an opportunity to see pictures of all new litters before they are posted to the public on our website. Call or email us today and find out how you can be added to our puppy waiting list. 

How much is a puppy at Countryside Kennels? 

Puppy prices depend on the breed you are interested in, sex and age. Some puppies listed that show a price is pet price with AKC Limited Registration and spay/neuter agreements. Please call for specifics.

Are puppy deposits refundable? 

No, the $300 puppy deposit is non-refundable and normally electronically paid through us. However, if you prefer we will be happy to accept a personal check to hold your puppy. Personal checks can be mailed to:
Countryside Kennels, 45129 243rd St, Madison, SD 57042 

Can you ship or fly puppies out of state? 

Yes, we can fly puppies out of state if they travel with us in cabin or as checked luggage, flying in the climate controlled cargo area. Call us for complete details. Ground transportation is available too. We offer Dedicated Transport with your puppy only for ASAP Delivery. ASAP Delivery is non-stop from our kennel to your front door. We also offer Shared Ride with puppies of our own on a delivery route, which will substantially lower the delivery expense. Please, contact us if you would prefer us to handle transportation and we can provide you with more information. 

When will Countryside Kennels allow me to bring my new puppy home? 

Most all of our puppies will be available to travel home with their new owners at approximately 9 weeks of age. If our staff feels that a puppy needs additional time with the mother, then the puppy may stay longer. The staff at Countryside Kennels will make all final decisions in determining whether or not a puppy needs more time in our care before leaving our facility. We have great love for each puppy born in our kennel. That said, it is of great importance to ensure all of the puppies from Countryside Kennels are in great health, strong, and maintaining a good diet before leaving our care. 

Have Countryside Kennels puppies had their puppy shots and seen a veterinarian? 

All puppies have an 8 week healthy puppy checkup with our veterinarian to ensure all puppies are doing well. Each puppy will have received 4 of their required puppy shots and several worming treatments before going home with their new family. To learn more about our puppy preparation process please visit Countryside Kennels Puppy Protocol page. 

Will grooming be required with my new puppy? 

All of our breeds will benefit from regular grooming. In home coat care is imperative, and professional grooming is recommended when needed. Talk to a local groomer or other dog owners and ask for their recommendations. 

Cairn Terriers are the easiest to maintain using only a stripping comb. No professional grooming is required. 

What type of dog food do you feed? 

At Countryside Kennels we feel it is important to feed our adults & puppies a premium dog food that is high in protein. We feed the NutriSource name brand. We recommend maintaining your puppy’s diet using NutriSource Small-Medium Puppy Food. Countryside Kennels will supply a NutriSource Welcome Home Kit for every puppy. It contains a 1 ½ lb bag of NutriSource Small-Medium Puppy Food, approved treats made in USA, Puppy Care booklet, folder for your veterinary information and toy. Our staff at Countryside Kennels will walk you through making a smooth transition for taking your puppy home. 

How much food will a puppy eat? 

Your puppy will eat a lot of food since he or she is growing. So up to six months old, they need to eat 2-4 times what an adult dog eats to support their very rapid growth. Your adult small breed dog requires 1 to 1.5 cups of high-quality dog food daily. English Springer Spaniels will require approximately 2 – 2 ½ cups per day. We recommend dividing the recommended amount into two meals during the day. Quality dog food is key when it comes to caring for the puppies. You will find poor coat quality and health issues could arise if you change to a lower quality brand. Contact us if you have any questions regarding food for your puppy. A Countryside Kennels team member will be happy to assist.

What about house training? 

We strongly recommend crate/kennel training. Getting on a regular schedule the little pup can rely on is the basis for successful house training. Kennels should only be big enough for the puppy to lie down comfortably and stretch out. This area can be increased in size as they grow. All puppies need to be carried out the door and placed in an area which is acceptable for elimination. Praise for a job well done will help instill a good attitude for the puppy during those initial days. Try to keep this outdoor essential from becoming playtime as the two need to be separated. There are many excellent videos available for free on the internet from which you can gain many different perspectives. Our Puppy Guide book also explains house training. 

I want my puppy microchipped.

All Countryside Kennel puppies leave our kennel already microchipped. The chip will need to be registered with the new owner contact information. We will supply you with information on how to do that or we can register the chip for you. 

What if my new puppy becomes lost or stolen? 

Microchip registration is one way of your puppy finding its way home to you. Another way is Global Pet Security registration. It uses a QR code collar tag which when scanned by anyone using a cell phone camera will be provided only your name and phone number. Not your address. It also simultaneously sends you a text that your puppy’s tag has been scanned and shows you a map with the puppy’s current location. A touch or two on the phone also gives you driving directions to the puppy location. Subsequently, anytime the tag is scanned you get a location update and the person scanning gets your name and phone number. 

The Global Pet Security system also has integrated software for all of your veterinary records, so you have them with you while at your vet, a new vet or when traveling. Pretty great for any emergency situation. 

I'd like to reserve a puppy. What's next?

That's great to hear! Give us a call at 605-256-9762, email or visit our contact page and we can start the next steps!

Say hello to the newest member of your family.

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