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Get to know Countryside Kennels

Countryside Kennels started in 1981 with one English Springer Spaniel as a family member and hunting companion. Our love for the breed encouraged us to start raising Springers for family, friends and neighbors. After all these years and with the addition of other breeds we have come to love, Countryside Kennels is happy to help you select your next family member.

Feel free to pick out your puppy at the kennel, or if unable to come see us, we can send LOTS of puppy & parent pictures and videos. We also personally deliver our puppies with our Nanny Service to your front door Coast to Coast! We are proud members of the South Dakota State Breeders Association.

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Our Story

1981 we got our first family dog, an English Springer Spaniel and she was perfect! We grew up on farms and "farm dogs" were never family dogs. Eventually, our Springer Spaniel worked her way into the home and pretty much owned the house from that day forward. We decided to go ahead and breed her, sold a few puppies and that’s how we got started in 82.

As time went on we added more dogs to our family. Breeds like the Lhasa Apso, Scottish Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Silky Terrier and Cavachon all turned out to be great dogs for any family. We started showing dogs about 15 years ago and this was a valuable learning experience. Every time a judge docked you on something they would explain why. Since we started showing, the quality and conformation (what the animal should look like) of each dog has gotten better and better.

Our Mission

To place you with the best puppy possible. We love building relationships with our customers and seeing the smile on your family's faces when you finally meet your new pup. Our goal is to make happy families by selling quality puppies.

Say hello to the newest member of your family.

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